Buffalo Bills stadium group considering relocating to Niagara Falls, per report

Buffalo Bills relocation: Stadium considering move to Niagara Falls The Bills’ current lease runs through 2023, with a one-time out clause between the 2019 and ’20 season. (David Duprey/AP)

Could the Buffalo Bills eventually move to Niagara Falls? Seems a little odd to suggest, but it's a destination currently being considered by a stadium group of public and private leaders in hopes of keeping the Bills in the general upstate New York area.

Understandably, the Bills need a new home as 41-year-old Ralph Wilson Stadium is on its last legs, but there's no certainty that the team will be able to re-build in Orchard Park. Because of that, outside sites are being explored and Niagara Falls is one such possibility, reports the AP.

Don’t rule out Niagara Falls as a potential future home of the Buffalo Bills.

Several officials told The Associated Press that a newly formed Bills stadium task force of public and private leaders seeking to bolster the team’s long-term viability is considering sites that would put it closer to the team’s burgeoning Ontario fan base.

A move to Niagara Falls would put the franchise around 30 minutes closer (by car) to Ontario, and the hope/belief is that the Bills would be able to better tap into the Canadian market given the proximity.

Any move would have to wait until after the 2019 season, however, as the Bills are locked in to playing at Ralph Wilson Stadium through the next six years before a one-year out in 2020 will allow a move at the cost of a $400-million buyout.