Kansas City Chiefs to consider taking quarterback in first round of NFL draft

2014 NFL draft: Chiefs could search for Alex Smith replacement in first round Stalled negotiations with Alex Smith could leave the Chiefs looking for quarterback depth early in the draft. (Andrew Hancock/SI)

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't in need of a quarterback right now with Alex Smith under contract, but that may change in the somewhat near future.

Both Smith and the Chiefs were hopeful they'd be able to find middle ground on a contract extension, but according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, talks haven't progressed as desired, which has the Chiefs pondering the idea of drafting a quarterback in Thursday's first round of the 2014 NFL draft.

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Extending Smith is going to be a rather costly move for the Chiefs, who could possibly end up forking over a $15 million annual contract to the veteran quarterback. Meanwhile, Kansas City could opt to draft a quarterback (they currently own the 23rd selection) and sign him to a team-friendly contract for the next five seasons, which could make more sense long-term.

While Smith is a very solid game manager, he comes with some undeniable warts, and committing substantial money to him moving forward might not make sense if Kansas City can nab a more affordable rookie signal-caller ready to be molded into a future starting quarterback.

Of course, the admission also could be nothing more than posturing on the Chiefs part in an attempt to gain leverage in contract talks with Smith.

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