New Cowboys QB Brandon Weeden says he's learning from Tony Romo

Brandon Weeden threw for 1,731 yards and nine touchdowns with the Browns in 2013. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)Brandon Weeden threw for 1,731 yards and nine touchdowns with the Browns in 2013. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

The Dallas Cowboys front office seemed almost assured that backup Kyle Orton would return this season, stating so publicly on more than one occasion.

Wanting to make sure they had a Plan B in place, Dallas opted to sign Brandon Weeden who would likely be regulated to third-string duties once Orton returned.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Orton didn't come back, opting to hang up the cleats and leaving them with Weeden as their backup signal caller.

Understandably, there are likely plenty of Dallas fans who are less than thrilled with such a proposition given Weeden's suspect on-field history with the Cleveland Browns, but the quarterback says he's learning 'a lot' from Tony Romo, who he calls 'very smart'.

"He's done it for so long that he's found what works for him, whether it's footwork or types of throws or reads or whatever it may be," Weeden said. "He's got a feel for what he's good at. I just pick and choose what I think may work for me. One thing about me, I'm going to be an aggressive thrower. I'm going to stretch the field vertically and I'm going to throw the ball aggressively. Sometimes I may get myself in trouble but I think being smart aggressive vs. being dumb aggressive is two different things."

Weeden's certainly saying all the right things, though, Cowboy fans are likely praying the only time he sees the field is during the victory formation.

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