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Dustin Penner tweaks Tim Thomas

By Allan Muir

Remember when Tim Thomas was an all-world goalie, instead of a punchline?

The Islanders netminder (it still feels weird typing that), who infamously precipitated his exodus from Boston with his decision to skip a team meet 'n' greet with President Barack Obama, was on more than a few minds today as the 2012 champion Kings made their own visit to the White House.

Fortunately, everyone on that team understood the ceremony was about the group, and there weren't any conscientious objectors at the glorified photo-op. And there was no way they were going to miss a chance to have a little fun at Thomas' expense.

At least, Dustin Penner wasn't.


Well done, Pancakes! That little shot could make next season's Kings/Islanders games a whole lot more interesting.

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