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Must-see video: Bobby Ryan's humbling day on streets of Ottawa

By Allan Muir

Bobby Ryan will never replace Daniel Alfredsson in the hearts and minds of Ottawa's devoted fans, but that's okay. He's doing a nice job so far of carving out a place all for himself.

From his early excitement in the wake of his trade to the Senators to his willingness to fly into town early for promotional interviews, he's proving to be exactly the sort of guy who can help shape a new identity for the team.

Well, as soon as he shapes an identity for himself, anyway.

This week, Ryan decided to poke a little fun at his relative anonymity in Canada's capital by conducting man-on-the street interviews. The topic: what do Sens fans think of Bobby Ryan?

The bit produces completely expected results. They may love their hockey in Ottawa, but as far as "the American kid" goes . . . well, watch the video and see for yourself how it all plays out.