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VIDEO: Is this the worst hockey intermission interview of all time?


By Allan Muir

We get it. Intermission interviews are all rainbows and unicorns when your team has the lead or you've just scored a big goal that you get to relive. But to come off the ice after you've just been ragdolled and have to explain what happened? Probably not as much fun.

Finland's Petri Kontiola drew the short straw at the World Hockey Championship on Thursday after his team had coughed up a pair of unanswered goals to Canada in quarterfinal action. The Chicago Blackhawks' short-timer (12 games in 2007-08) wasn't in much of a mood to deal with interviewer Hana Jezkovalta, so he channeled his inner Ozzy Osbourne and embarrassed himself, his team and his country in the process.

To his credit, Kontiola kissed and made up with Jezkovalta on Friday, but he'll have to own this burst of sorriness for the rest of his career.

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