Organizers insist Rio 2016 Olympics are on track despite criticism

The Rio 2016 Olympic Village as of July 2014. Photo:

The Rio 2016 Olympic Village as of July 2014.

The organizers of the Rio 2016 Olympics say they are on track to meet deadlines despite earlier criticisms of their preparation, The Guardian reports.

Rio 2016 communications director Mario Andrada said "huge progress" has been made in the past few months, according to the report. Andrada responded to comments made by Australian IOC vice-president John Coates in April when he said the preparations were the "worst he has experienced."

Andrada said: “Coates’s message was ill-informed and bluntly wrong. Yes he is on the coordination commission but he had information that was wrong.

“We are not the worst. We can prove that beyond any reasonable doubt."

Despite calling Coates' words inaccurate, Andrada said they were important to push the organizers to focus more closely in the past few months. The Rio 2016 Olympics will begin two years from next week.

Andrada also echoed earlier comments by IOC executive director Gilbert Felli that the recent World Cup bodes well for the country as it prepares for the Olympics.

In April, the IOC said it was "premature" to speculate that the 2016 games would be relocated due to poor preparations. 

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- Paul Palladino

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