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Leicester City fixtures: Premier League schedule 2014/2015

Jamie Vardy and Daniel Drinkwater celebrate a goal last season Photo:

Jamie Vardy and Daniel Drinkwater celebrate a goal last season

Leicester City F.C.

Leicester City was relegated out of the Premier League almost ten years ago, but the club is set to make its return after winning the Football League Championship last season. David Nugent led the team with 20 goals and Jamie Vardy added 14.

The team was relatively quiet on the transfer market, but did acquire striker Leonardo Ulloa from Brighton and Hove Albion.  Midfielder Marc Albrighton, striker Jack Barmby, goal keeper Ben Hamer and defender Matthew Upson signed with Leicester City as free agents. 

Premier League fixtures 2014/15

08/16/14: Everton (H)

08/23/14: Chelsea (A)

08/31/14: Arsenal (H)

09/13/14: Stoke (A)

09/21/14: Manchester United (H)

09/27/14: Crystal Palace (A)

10/04/14: Burnley (H)

10/18/14: Newcastle (A)

10/25/14: Swansea (A)

11/01/14: West Brom (H)

11/08/14: Southhampton (A)

11/22/14: Sunderland (H)

11/29/14: QPR (A)

12/02/14: Liverpool (H)

12/06/14: Aston Villa (A)

12/13/14: Man City (H)

12/20/14: West Ham (A)

12/26/14: Spurs (H)

12/28/14: Hull (A)

01/01/15: Liverpool (A)

01/10/15: Aston Villa (H)

01/17/15: Stoke (H)

01/31/15: Manchester United (A)

02/07/15: Crystal Palace (H)

02/10/15: Arsenal (A)

02/21/15: Everton (A)

02/28/15: Chelsea (H)

03/04/15: Man City (A)

03/14/15: Hull (H)

03/21/15: Spurs (A)

04/04/15: West Ham (H)

04/11/15: West Brom (A)

04/18/15: Swansea (H)

04/25/15: Burnley (A)

05/02/15: Newcastle (H)

05/09/15: Southampton (H)

05/16/15: Sunderland (A)

05/24/15: QPR (H)

Note: Premier League fixture dates are subject to change.

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