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Malky Mackay apologizes: 'I'm no racist, no sexist, no homophobe'

Malky Mackay apologizes: 'I'm no racist, no sexist, no homophobe' Photo:

Former Cardiff City coach Malky Mackay has offered an official apology for offensive texts that he sent during his time with the club.

"Out of 10,000 text messages in and out of someone's phone I sent three that, looking at them, are completely unacceptable and inappropriate. For that, and for any offense they caused, I sincerely apologize," Mackay said in an interview with Sky Sports

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The League Managers' Association had previously apologized on behalf of Mackay, but their statement was met by widespread criticism after it described the texts as "friendly banter." The LMA has since apologized for its statement. Mackay said he's "certainly never used the word 'banter,'" but called the overall statement "very accurate."

Mackay is currently under investigation with the European Football Association. He was expected to be hired as the new manager of Crystal Palace until the text messages came to light on Wednesday and the club withdrew its interest. 

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"I suppose I would humbly ask people to ask themselves that if their own phone was taken and every text was scrutinized, if there'd be a certain amount of embarrassing texts for everyone," Mackay said. "I love British football and I'm no racist, no sexist, no homophobe and no anti-semite. The people that know me, know that. I know it's the people that don't know me that I've got to convince of that."

- Molly Geary

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