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Peter Wehling, Physician Of Alex Rodriguez, Claims To Have Cure For Arthritis

Peter Wehling, an accomplished German physician who already boasts a patient list including Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant and Pope John Paul II, now claims to have a cure for arthritis.

Wehling has been in the news this year ever since Bryant traveled to Dusseldorf in the offseason for surgical repairs to his ailing right knee, and recommended him to A-Rod shortly thereafter. Now, in an interview with ESPN The Magazine, Wehling claims to have a 90 percent success rate in eliminating arthritis, using a serum that's 1,000 times higher in arthritis-fighting factors than normal blood.

"I am the only one to have found a way to cure arthritis," Wehling said.

Wehling recently opened one outpost of his clinic in Los Angeles with anti-aging specialist Chris Renna and another in New York with neurologist Douglas Schottenstein. His other star clients include actor Nick Nolte, who appears with Wehling in a photograph on his website, and golfer Fred Couples, who wrote an introduction to Wehling's recent book, "The End of Pain."

A-Rod recently traveled to Germany for Wehling to have a look at his aching knee and shoulder.

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