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Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant Downplay Rumors of a Rift

Oklahoma City Thunder stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have downplayed speculation that there may be a rift within the team, according to The Oklahoman.

“We’re going to disagree sometimes, like I’ve always been saying,” Durant told the media. “But I’m behind him 110 percent, and he’s the same way with me. And you seen when we came on the floor we clicked and everything started to work from there.”

The two All-Stars were seen jarring at one another during a timeout with just over three minutes remaining in the second quarter. Westbrook was reportedly heated after teammate Thabo Selolosha had turned down an opportunity to shoot the ball, and Durant and fellow team leader Kendrick Perkins were seen attempting to cool Westbrook down.

Part of Westbrook’s frustration likely stemmed from his 0-13 shooting night. The Thunder defeated Memphis 98-95 in the game.
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