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Vanilla Ice to Perform At Detroit Pistons Halftime Show

The Detroit Pistons have announced rapper Vanilla Ice will be performing at halftime during the “Totally 90s” theme night on Feb.3, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The “Totally ‘90s” night will provide fans with a Ben Gordon poster and a halftime performance by Vanilla Ice at the Pistons arena, Palace of Auburn Hills.

Vanilla Ice is among the one of three entertainment lineups for a series of scheduled theme nights this winter announced today by the Pistons. The theme nights begin with “Super ‘70s” night for the Memphis game on Friday and “I love the ‘80s” night on Jan. 27 against the Atlanta Hawks.

On “Totally 90s” theme night, The Pistons are scheduled to play against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Last year, a group of over 50,000 Detroit fans unsuccessfully petitioned to stop the Lions from allowing Nickelback to be the musical performance at halftime in the team’s annual Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers. So far no fans have attempted to boycott Vanilla Ice’s performance.

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