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Buffalo Hotels Slighted By Wisecrack From Patriots' Tom Brady

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took a bit of a cheap shot at the hotels in Buffalo, and it wasn't recieved well, according to CNN.

"I don't know if any of you guys have ever been to the hotels in Buffalo, but they're not the nicest places in the world," Brady said, praising his father for traveling to away games to see him play.

Brady apologized for the insult, but the damage had already been done, and hotel officials in the city had already lashed out at Brady.

"Tom Brady comes to Buffalo once a year, and to pass judgment like that I think is just irresponsible at best," said Bryan Drew, general manager of Embassy Suites. "We've got some great hotels, especially here downtown."

"Buffalo Niagara is filled with excellent hotel options to meet the needs of the most refined travelers," said Ed Healy, vice president of marketing for the tourism organization Visit Buffalo Niagara. "P.S. - go Giants!"