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DeMaurice Smith: NFLPA Wants “Direct Evidence” In Bounty Case

NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said Friday that he wants the NFL to prove “direct evidence” that players participated in the bounty program, according to USA Today.

"As of yet, they haven't turned over anything that we would consider to be direct evidence of player involvement in a 'pay to injure' scheme that we could consider for discipline," Smith said. "It's very hard to have a productive discussion about punishment when one side has kept, to itself, all the information.

"What I would expect is to have a conversation soon and certainly it would be our expectation that the request for all information, as it relates to particular players, will be provided before any discipline takes place."

Smith added that the media speculation around player punishment is a “very unfair situation," according to USA Today.

"Whether it comes down to Roger or myself, I don't think either of us would prefer to have a disciplinary system that is being played out in public with people relying on less than full information," Smith said. "That does nothing to benefit the integrity of the men who play the game. It certainly does nothing to champion the disciplinary system. It does call into question issues of fairness and what's appropriate."

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