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Mavericks' Jason Kidd Wants To Be A General Manager After Playing Career

Jason Kidd is still unsure what the future holds after his contract with the Dallas Mavericks expires this summer, but he did reveal one interesting little tidbit today -- after his playing days are done for good, he'd like to be a general manager.

"I would like to go upstairs," Kidd told Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld. "I’d like to be the person who puts all of the pieces together. We’ll see if that works out."

Kidd turned 39 last month, and while he's currently the starting point guard for the defending champions, he's clearly on the decline. His 18th NBA season has been his least productive one by far, as the veteran has averaged just 5.9 points and 5.2 assists per game. He's a free agent this summer, and all of his three options -- stay in Dallas, go elsewhere, or end his playing days -- are on the table.

"We’ll see what happens," Kidd said. "[I’ll go to] whatever team wants me. I would love to end my career in Dallas, but we’ll see what happens this offseason.

"I want to keep playing until I can’t play anymore, which could be very soon. The big thing for me is I love playing the game. I love doing whatever I can to help my team win. Until that point comes – the end – I’ll keep trying to do that."

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