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Charlie Manuel Doesn't Believe That Jordan Zimmermann Didn't Intend To Hit Cole Hamels

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel says he doesn’t believe Washington Nationals starting pitcher Jordan Zimmermann when he says he didn’t intentionally hit Cole Hamels with a pitch, according to D.C. Sports Bog.

“I felt like when [Hamels] got hit, when they retaliated and they hit him — I mean, the guy said that he wasn’t throwing at him,” Manuel said on MLB Network Radio, as transcribed by D.C. Sports Bog. “You know, I don’t believe that. And usually, baseball-wise, that should have been a wash. The teams should have been even there. That’s kind of how I looked at it. I mean, he hit their guy and then they hit him. It should have been left there. But all of the sudden, with all of the hoopla about it, everything just blowed out big and they made a lot out of it.”

Hamels was levied a five game suspension Monday after admitting to intentionally throwing at Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper on Sunday. Hamels claimed that he threw at the 19-year-old because he’s "old school."

Zimmermann struck Hamels in the leg with a pitch several innings later. When asked about it, Zimmermann told the media it was unintentional.

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