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DeSean Jackson To Teammate LeSean McCoy: Don't Hold Out

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the midst of compiling their roster, and they've had a successful offseason, minus one key cog: running back LeSean McCoy.

Indications are that McCoy and the team are having productive talks, and last year's holdout, DeSean Jackson, thinks it would behoove McCoy to re-sign.

"I think it would be in his best interest to come” Jackson said, according to NFL.com. “Looking back now it really hurt me more than I thought it helped me. Hopefully he saw everything I went through, and hopefully Drew won’t have him go through the same thing. . . . I just hope he doesn’t take it there with the team because the Eagles are a team you don’t want to try force anything with them or strong-arm them."

McCoy finished last season with 1309 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns.
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