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Joe Namath: Mark Sanchez Is The Better Quarterback

Legendary New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath said today that Mark Sanchez is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow, according to USA Today.

“Mark knows he's a better quarterback, and bring on the competition,” Namath said at a charity event in New York last night. “"Mark is sensational. He's going to be much better.”

"There's no doubt about it at all, at this point, certainly. ... He's going into his fourth year. Golly, I remember a team that won a championship with a quarterback in his fourth year. Let's hope that happens again."

New York acquired Tim Tebow via trade after the young quarterback’s former squad, the Broncos, signed Peyton Manning as a free-agent. Due to Tebow’s success in the 2011 season, many have speculated that he will challenge incumbent Jets starter Mark Sanchez for the starting position once the 2012 campaign begins. Jets management, however, has affirmed that Sanchez is slotted to be the team’s No. 1 quarterback.