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Report: Celtics' Kevin Garnett might be thinking about retirement

Rejuvenated after moving to center in the middle of the season, Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett would seem an unlikely candidate to retire, even though he has 17 years' worth of tread on his tires.

However, a league source who knows Garnett well tells Steve Aschburner of NBA.com (note: Aschburner worked at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune during Garnett's T-Wolves days) that he thinks Garnett might be ready to hang up his high tops.

"I think that's what we've been seeing in these playoffs," the source said. "The way he's been playing, it's like he wants to go out on his terms."

Garnett just turned 36 two weeks ago, but since he entered the league straight out of high school, his body has taken significantly more pounding than the typical 36-year-old.

A throwaway line in a piece by Boston.com columnist Tony Massarotti also hints at the possibility that Garnett might be ready to go. Massarotti wrote: "The Celtics can cut ties with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett can retire ..."
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