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Olympic gold medalist Yannick Agnel sets short-course world record

Yannick Agnel French Olympic gold medalist, Yannick Agnel, set a short-course world record in the 400-meter freestyle on Thursday. Agnel broke Paul Biedermann's record with a time of 3:32.25. (Alain Jocard/Getty Images)

French swimmer and two-time gold medalist Yannick Agnel set a short-course world record in the 400-meter freestyle on Thursday, reports the Associated Press. Agnel finished with a time of 3:32.25 at the French swimming championships. The previous record was set by German swimmer Paul Biedermann in 2009 while he was wearing a high-tech bodysuit.

"It's super. I've beaten a record set in a bodysuit," Agnel said. "It shows there are still many good things to be done in terms of times."

High-tech bodysuits were banned by FINA, swimming's governing body, and have not been allowed since January 2010. The polyurethane bodysuits contributed to 108 new world records in 2008.

Agnel, 20, won Olympic gold in the 200 freestyle and the 4x100 freestyle relay in London. He also was part of the silver medal 4x200 team.
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