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Maple Leafs toilet sells at auction for $5K

A Toronto Maple Leafs dressing room toilet from the old Maple Leafs Gardens sold for $5,300 at an auction in November, according to Toronto Star Newspapers Limited.

Fifty-five year old lawyer Jim Vigmond, of Barrie, Ont., said he purchased the toilet only after dropping out of a bidding war for a more coveted piece of sports memorabilia, the Leafs' 1967 Stanley Cup banner. He said the banner, which ended up being claimed from a winning bid of $34,000, was ultimately too much money for him. He said he didn't want to go above $30,000 for it, so he shifted his focus elsewhere, this time to a toilet, adding that even though he won the toilet for $5,300, he would've been prepared to spend as much as $10,000 on the toilet because it's a piece of history:

"How many people have a toilet as a piece of memorabilia of something? It’s got to be a one-in-a-million thing, and I really thought The Gardens was an icon of its time. Anything that can come out of the Leafs dressing room has got nostalgia associated with it."
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