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Nike pulls 'Boston Massacre' shirts

Nike has pulled its "Boston Massacre" shirts. (Associated Press) Nike has pulled its "Boston Massacre" shirts. (Associated Press)

Nike announced this week that in light of the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings, the company has completed a sweep of its "Boston Massacre" shirts marketed to New York Yankees fans and removed them from distribution. The shirts, which were primarily sold at Nike outlet stores, had the words "Boston Massarce" emblazoned on the front of the shirt, with what appears to be a design of blood splattered across the white letters.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the sports marketing giant said in a statement from spokeswoman Mary Remuzzi that they are "confident" the shirts are no longer being distributed:

"We conducted this process as quickly as possible and are confident the product has been removed from distribution."
The phrase, "Boston Massacre" has been used in pop culture to describe the Yankees' late-season sweep of the Boston Red Sox in the 1978 season, which ended in a World Series Championship for New York.