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Caps coach Adam Oates says he can beat up Rangers coach John Tortorella

The war of words continues between the coaches of the Rangers and Capitals. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon Even though this is a friendly exchange between the players, the war of words continues between the coaches of the Rangers and Capitals. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Even though the Stanley Cup playoff series between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers is over, there is no love lost between the two teams, and the verbal sparring has gotten personal.

Washington Capitals coach Adam Oates did not like the way New York Rangers coach John Tortorella characterized the Caps' complaints about officiating as whining.  The Rangers eliminated the Capitals four games to three in their first-round playoff series with a 5-0 rout in Game 7.

"Well, I think he's out of line," Oates said on Washington's 106.7 The Fan. "[Tortorella] should be worried about his own series. We didn't whine once during the series. I never complained. I don't know, did you guys ever hear me complain about officiating?"

Oates was then asked whether he could beat up Tortorella.

"Yes," Oates said, "easily."

Capitals left winger Alex Ovechkin was also highly critical of the officiating in the series. The Rangers received 28 power-play opportunities in the series and the Capitals had 16.

Tortorella had his own response to Oates and the Capitals.

"We've got everybody and their brother whining out there in Washington about what happened in that series," Tortorella said. "And I think that's a big reason they lose that series."
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