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Report: Tyson Gay's positive test was for banned steroid

Tyson Gay's positive tests were reportedly for a banned steroid. (AFP/Getty Images) Tyson Gay's positive tests were reportedly for a banned steroid. (AFP/Getty Images)

Former Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay's failed drug tests were for a banned steroid, meaning he faces a two-year suspension from the sport, reports BBC Sports' David Bond.

Gay, the U.S. record holder in the 100 meters, admitted to a positive test last month. He reportedly failed an out-of-competition test in May and a test at the U.S. World Championship Trials in June.

"I don't have a sabotage story," Gay said at the time. "I don't have any lies. I don't have anything to say to make this seem like it was a mistake or it was on USADA's hands, someone playing games. I don't have any of those stories. I basically put my trust in someone and I was let down."

The BBC obtained parts of a letter sent to Gay by the US Anti-Doping Agency about the failed test at the trials. Because officials reference a carbon isotope test, the BBC reports the positive test was likely for testosterone or one of its precursors, such as DHEA or androstenedione.

EPSTEIN: U.S. sprinter Tyson Gay linked to anti-aging specialist

Gay pulled out of the World Championships. There is speculation that he is cooperating with officials in hopes of reducing his suspension.
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