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Reds third-base coach Mark Berry is cancer-free

Reds third base coach Mark Berry is cancer-free. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images) Reds third-base coach Mark Berry is cancer-free. (Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

In March, Reds third-base coach Mark Berry announced that he was batting cancer of the tonsils and surrounding lymph nodes. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Berry received great news Thursday: Doctors have declared him to be cancer-free.

On Thursdays, Berry shared the results of a PET Scan he underwent Wednesday.

From the Enquirer:

"It wasn't only clean," he said. "It was really clean. They showed me the slides side-by-side. The cancer shows up bright green. You could see it on the first slide. The second slide was all gray -- not only in my neck but the lymph nodes, too."

"This is a tremendous relief," he said. "What we do is a game -- don't get me wrong we all take it seriously -- but this is life and death. I saw a lot of people who had it a lot worse than me."

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Berry underwent radiation and chemotherapy in April and May for his cancer, returned to the team in June and began coaching third in late July.