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MLB union boss: Players won't allow contracts to be voided because of drug violations

Former first baseman Tony Clark is the 6th person to head the MLBPA. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images Former first baseman Tony Clark became MLBPA executive director in November. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

New MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the union will not agree to terms allowing contracts to be terminated by drug violations.

Clark, who assumed control of the union following the death of Michael Weiner in November, said he expects any talks on changes to the drug agreement would begin before spring training.

Commissioner Bud Selig called for tougher drug penalties in March in the wake of the Biogenesis scandal, but the union wouldn't consider changes until 2014.

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Clark also said he anticipates the union will agree before the upcoming season to ban home-plate collisions and the expansion of instant replay, which also requires a deal between Major League Baseball and the umpires' union.

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