Roberto Mancini's parting advice for Mario Balotelli


Roberto Mancini (left) and Mario Balotelli's tumultuous working relationship ended this week.

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has parting advice for Mario Balotelli: Take full advantage of this chance at AC Milan.

Mancini tells Italian state radio that "Mario is a great kid, he just needs to understand how lucky he is to know how to play football, because a footballer's life passes in a hurry. Just think about (former Brazil and Inter Milan striker) Adriano - he was the best player in the world, then in no time he disappeared.''

Balotelli left City this week for Milan and a 4 1/2-year deal. He was due to be presented by Milan late Friday.

Mancini adds that he would have been happy if Balotelli stayed "but the decision was solely his and I think he's happy to be back in Italy.''

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