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Aston Villa schedule: Premier League fixtures 2014/2015

Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke Photo:

Aston Villa striker Christian Benteke

Aston Villa FC

Aston Villa finished 15th in the Premier League last season. The team's leading goal scorer was Christian Benteke, who finished the year with 10 goals. Gabriel Agbonlahor led the club in assists, finishing the year with five. 

This offseason, Aston Villa lost a number of players to transfer, though Villa will retain its core group of players. Antonio Luna is headed to Hellas Verona on loan. The club welcomes several additions, including Joe Cole.

Premier League fixtures 2014/2015

08/16/14 Stoke City (A)

08/23/14 Newcastle United (H)

08/31/14 Hull City (H)

09/13/14 Liverpool (A)

09/20/14 Arsenal (H)

09/27/14 Chelsea (A)

10/04/14 Manchester City (H)

10/18/14 Everton (A)

10/27/14 QPR (A)

11/02/14 Tottenham Hotspur (H)

11/08/14 West Ham United (A)

11/24/14 Southampton United (H)

11/29/14 Burnley (A)

12/02/14 Crystal Palace (A)

12/06/14: Leicester City (H)

12/13/14 West Bromwich Albion (A)

12/20/14 Manchester United (H)

12/26/14 Swansea City (A)

12/28/14 Sunderland (H)

01/01/15 Crystal Palace (H)

01/10/15 Leicester City (A)

01/17/15 Liverpool (H)

01/31/15 Arsenal (A)

02/07/15 Chelsea (H)

02/10/15 Hull City (A)

02/21/15 Stoke City (H)

02/28/15 Newcastle United (A)

03/03/15 West Bromwich Albion (H)

03/14/15 Sunderland (A)

03/21/15 Swansea City (H)

04/04/15 Manchester United (A)

04/11/15 Tottenham Hotspur (A)

04/18/15 QPR (H)

04/25/15 Manchester City (A)

05/02/15 Everton (H)

05/09/15 West Ham United (H)

05/16/15 Southampton (A)

05/24/15 Burnley (H)

Note: Premier League fixture dates are subject to change.

- Jack Jorgensen

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