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Brad Davis

Meet the 23: Brad Davis

Meet Brad Davis, midfielder for the United States Men's National Team.

  • 14
    14Brad Davis
    Midfielder | Club: Houston Dynamo
Age Hometown Height Weight Goals Caps
32 St. Charles, Mo. 5-11 165 16 0

As the only purely left-footed attacking player on the roster, Davis’ main strength lies in his ability to whip in set pieces. Beyond a need for a spark of that nature late in the game, he isn’t expected to receive much playing time, barring injury or suspension in a thin pool of wingers. At the club level, Davis has been instrumental in the Houston Dynamo’s success in reaching two consecutive MLS Cup finals in recent years.

OUTLOOK: Davis has an ability to serve quality crosses into the penalty area, both on set pieces and in the run of play. If the U.S. is in need of such an attack, he would be ideal to bring on to get wide and cross the ball in. He sometimes picks a clever pass cutting in from the flank as well, and that kind of versatile creation could be helpful.


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