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Lionel Messi's father says not to be concerned with star's vomiting issues

Photo: Alejandro Pagni/AFP/Getty Images

Lionel Messi's tendency to vomit before games is no cause for concern, according to his father, Jorge.

Argentinian star Lionel Messi has been making some headlines for his increasing tendency to vomit before a match, but manager Alejandro Sabella and his team can rest easy knowing that is not a sign of a bigger issue. 

While speaking to the media, Messi's father, Jorge, said that that the vomiting could merely be due to stress or a minor stomach issue. In fact, it is something that happens to a lot of top athletes, Jorge says. 

"The doctors say they do not have to worry about the issue of vomiting, it happens to other great athletes," he told Spanish outlet AS"This subject has been around for years now. The necessary studies were done at Barcelona. All the doctors say there is no need to be concerned. It does not just happen to him, but to other great athletes in other sports too. It is a bit about the stress, or a little stomach problem, but there is nothing else. There is no need to give it too much attention, he must take precautions and nothing else."

If there is one person who can understand the pressure Messi will be under during the World Cup as Argentina looks to make a deep run, it is Sabella, who is a former Argentine international.

The images that come from Messi's pre-match vomiting may not be the prettiest, but he can quickly erase those images when he works his wizardry on the pitch.

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