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A tribute to Genevieve Morton

Genevieve Morton :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI Genevieve Morton :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI


It's Genevieve Morton's birthday and it only seems fitting that it falls on a Tuesday. After all, Genevieve has been leading the "Topless Tuesday" charge for nearly two months. The South Africa native burst onto the pages of SI Swimsuit in 2010 and has been a mainstay ever since. Though as a child, posing in a bikini seemed like the last thing she'd end up doing. "People used to bully me in high school," Genevieve told us in April. "The boys would call me granny costume (a costume is what we call a swimsuit in south africa, slang). They called me this because I had a one-piece swimsuit and it was wrinkly when I was sitting. They would call me this everywhere I went, screaming it after me in the corridors or if I cycled down the road. For revenge I became a swimsuit model." What an inspiration! So as the bully-beater celebrates her 27th birthday, SwimDaily celebrates with this collection of her best topless photos.