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Chrissy Teigen moves into world of design with new line of bridal swimwear

Chrissy Teigen :: Courtesy of Beach Bunny Swimwear Chrissy Teigen :: Courtesy of Beach Bunny Swimwear


Pamela Anderson made headlines in 2006 when she showed up for her wedding to Kid Rock wearing nothing more than a white bikini. It's too bad Anderson's wedding wasn't this fall because she would have plenty of outfits from Chrissy Teigen's new line of bridal swimwear to choose from. The 27-year-old SI Swimsuit model, who is set to marry singer John Legend in September, wanted something sexy for the couple's honeymoon so she teamed up with Beach Bunny Swimwear to create her own line. “A bridal swimsuit is a very special and sexy look designed to make your man’s heart skip a beat,” Teigen told People Style Watch. "I want to wear a bathing suit for my husband that makes me feel sexy. I know other women feel the same way, so I was inspired to design a line." The line will debut in September. Luckily, Beach Bunny sent us a preview of the designs modeled by Teigen herself. We think John will approve.