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Marisa Miller turns 35

Marisa Miller :: Raphael Mazzucco/SI Marisa Miller :: Raphael Mazzucco/SI


Tuesday is Marisa Miller's 35th birthday. We spoke with former swimsuit cover girl a couple weeks ago and asked her about her famous 2007 iPod photo. "It was really quick," Miller recalls. "It was one of those things where we were like, 'Is this going to look weird? Is it going to be silly? is it going to look great?' We had no idea but we went for it. We probably only shot it for five minutes and I didn’t really think about it until I saw that it opened the music issue. Then I called my dad and said, 'Hey, can you sorta skip the beginning and go right into the middle.'” On behalf of iPod owners everywhere, Happy 35th Marisa!