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Daniela Pestova turns 43

Daniela Pestova (2001) :: Stewart Shining/SI Daniela Pestova (2001) :: Stewart Shining/SI


Daniela Pestova, who appeared in nine SI Swimsuit issues including three covers (1995, 2000, 2006), turns 43 on Monday. We spoke to the Czech model in August about her old photo shoots including that time in 2001 when we made her ride a camel. "This was from a photo shoot in Tunisia," Pestova recalls. "That was hard. We had camels and stuff like that. It wasn't really the glamorous photo shoot but it was fun." Pestova's camel riding days are over as she focuses more on raising her two children then modeling. But we'll always have these swimsuit photos to look back on. Happy Birthday, Daniela.