Alyssa Miller in 2011 :: Bjorn Iooss/SI Alyssa Miller in 2011 :: Bjorn Iooss/SI

SwimDaily is celebrating the impending launch of Swimsuit's 50th anniversary issue with this video-a-day series featuring our most memorable shoot locations, hosted by the memorable-in-her-own-right Emily DiDonato.

Have you entered the contest yet? We are sending ONE LUCKY READER on the trip of a lifetime to the our No. 1 Legendary Location, Hawaii. Go here for more details!

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Day 1: Hawaii

Countdown to Swimsuit 2014, Legendary Locations: Day 1
Countdown to Swimsuit 2014, Legendary Locations: Today travel to Hawaii with Irina Shayk, Julie Henderson and Alyssa Miller

WHAT MORE can you ask for from a destination? Wailea is a luxury resort community that occupies 1,500 acres in South Maui, seemingly every acre offering a postcard-worthy ocean view. As for the kinds of things such a place can inspire, consider this: SI Swimsuit went there with the original intent of filming a 3D movie, and the crew was so taken by their surroundings that an impromptu photo shoot "broke out" resulting in that memorable 2011 cover photo of Irina Shayk.
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Legendary Locations: Hawaii
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Alyssa Miller
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Alyssa Miller
Alyssa Miller
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Legendary Locations: Hawaii
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Legendary Locations: Hawaii
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