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SI Swimsuit Editors' Picks: Travel Essentials, Day 3

BEING AN editor at SI Swimsuit means exotic places, fresh fashions and an ever-growing list of must-haves. This week we’re letting you in on some of our favorite travel essentials. From skincare to comfort to gadgets, these picks are designed to give you the edge on your next trip.

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Darcie Baum, Senior Editor: The Pocket Spa by Kelley Quan

[vimeo 55582262 w=500 h=281]

One of our favorite makeup artists Tracy Murphy introduced me to this gem. It’s a pocket-sized gadget that helps keep your skin hydrated on those long flights we take. After only 30 seconds of mist, you feel less alligator and more human. All of the flight attendants ask me about it, even though other passengers look at me like I’m nuts. I have no clue why it’s not in SkyMall, it’s the ultimate travel essential!

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Darcie's airplane essential (Courtesy of Kelley Quan) and Genevieve Morton (shot here in 2010 by Walter Chin) Darcie's airplane essential (Courtesy of Kelley Quan) and Genevieve Morton (shot here in 2010 by Walter Chin)

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From the Kelley Quan website:

The Pocket Spa® was designed to deliver amazing moisture to relieve parched, dry skin whenever needed. This unique beauty device uses patented Nano technology to transform plain water into a luxurious hydration cloud which immediately penetrates the dermis, leaving the skin luminous, glowing and hydrated. May also be used with Floral hydrosols for aditional benefits to the skin. Don’t forget that The Pocket Spa® may also be used to hydrate dry eyes, sinus passages as well as smooth frizzy or brittle hair. For those who use air travel, the Pocket Spa® is a perfect way to keep your skin hydrated during flight.


KELLEY QUAN: Twitter | Blog (The Beauty Sleuth)
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