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Kim Kardashian is in the running for the next SI Swimsuit cover, says no one

WHEN WE first got wind of this VH1 gossip item our initial reaction was disappointment that we hadn't thought of this one for April Fools.

Then it was just questions. So many questions. Like who is this gossipmonger and where is he getting his info? Is he just some sort of evil ratings wizard spinning the non-story of those bizarre Instagram videos Kim Kardashian's been posting as an excuse to invoke her name? Did someone prank him into believing it was April 1st, so he tried to prank the rest of us, only four days too late? What is going on with his hair?

Who knows? All we can say is this: Kim, we'll give it some thought. But in the meantime you'll need to run the SwimDaily Casting Call gauntlet. We're dying to know what's on your bucket list.
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