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Throwback Thursday—Josie Maran: The Polaroids

THERE'S SOMETHING about Josie Maran some of you just can't get enough of. I feel like I hear her name come up at least once a week, and for a Swimsuit model who appeared in three issues from 2000-'03, it does make her something of a phenomenon in our world.

But flipping through her shots for her 2001 Vegas shoot, it's obvious to see what the rest of you see. Josie Maran was, and still very much is, a knockout of the highest order.

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VIDEO: Josie and the Pussycats in Vegas

Swim Daily, Throwback Thursday
Swim Daily brings you back to a Josie Maran's SI Swimsuit 2001 shoot with Siegfried and Roy's white tigers.

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GALLERY: More from Vegas with Josie and friends