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Behind the Tanlines: Madagascar

Chanel Iman, Irina Shayk and Jessica Gomes brave Lemur Island, and come out unscathed

Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation Slack-jawed bystanders: a staple of every swimsuit shoot :: Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation


* * *

IT'S FRIDAY. How about renting a Zipcar and going on a day trip Madagascar? Just kidding . . . my Zipcar account is suspended (really). How about we just watch the video below (best in full screen) and dream of Madagascar. Imagine it: water as clear as the skies, sunsets that belong on an inspirational poster, a few friends: Irina Shayk, Jessica GomesChanel Iman and, because I want to get in on this fantasy too, hundreds of happy, bouncy lemurs.

It's a daydream we can all enjoy.

* * * 

Behind The Tanlines, Madagascar Part 1
SwimDaily brings you behind the scenes of SI Swimsuit's 2014 shoot in Madagascar, featuring Irina Shayk, Jessica Gomes and Chanel Iman.

GALLERY: More from the Red Island (photos by Derek Kettela)

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