St. Lucia is Emily Ratjkowski, Samantha Hoopes and others in—and out of—their swimsuits

rata-600 Emily Ratajkowski

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FRIDAY'S REGULAR "Behind the Tanlines" posts tend to be a pretty good time. This Friday for no reason in particular we bring you a Very Special Episode with Behind the Tanlines: St. Lucia. If you're familiar with our St. Lucia shoot you'll know it was also the site of our much adored body painting feature.

I suppose calling it "Behind the Tanlines," is somewhat misleading, though, since I'm not sure one can get tanlines if you're not wearing clothes. Then again the word "behind" does ring true.

This weeks video features Rookies Emily RatajkowskiSamantha Hoopes, Hanna FergusonCris Urena and Lauren Mellor, and, to get specific, the behinds of Emily, Sam, Hannah and Cris. If that's not enough to make you click play how about Walter "Lights Out" Iooss sparring with a local? Yeah, now I got your attention.

T.G.I.F. Totes.

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Swim Daily, Behind The Tanlines: Saint Lucia
Swim Daily brings you behind the scenes of the SI Swimsuit 2014 shoot in Saint Lucia, featuring body painting and more, with rookies Emily Ratajkowski, Cris Urena, Samantha Hoopes, Lauren Mellor and Hannah Ferguson.

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GALLERY: Rookies in St. Lucia, shot by Walter Iooss Jr.