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Kate Upton's first body painting shoot makes for a memorable video

Kate Upton, 2011 :: Stewart Shining/SI; Joanne Gair (body painting) Kate Upton, 2011 :: Stewart Shining/SI; Joanne Gair (body painting)

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IF YOU are a regular SwimDaily reader you can probably call to mind at least 75% of the Kate Upton Antarctica looks (the steaming pool, the parka, the SI banner, the lacy scarf and moon boots and nothing else) and maybe even more of this year's Kate in Space feature (that gold triangle top bikini, that one-piece with the black zipper and black and gold Nike hi-tops, the one where she's floating towards you, and then away from you, and then asking you to fly away with her—oh wait, no, you just dreamt that one). But there's one very memorable Kate Upton shoot from her Rookie year that earned the newbie an inset shot on the 2011 cover with the caption "Kate the Great!" It was Kate's first body painting shoot, and we have a little video of it for you today.

Swim Daily, Kate Upton Body Painting Behind The Scenes
Swim Daily brings you an exclusive behind the scenes video from Kate Upton's 2011 SI Swimsuit body painting shoot.

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