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Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen take you Behind the Tanlines of the SI Swimsuit 2014 cover shoot


James Macari/SI James Macari/SI

ALONE, THEY are just three preternaturally good looking women who get paid to take pictures in bikinis. YAWN (ha).

But when they come together in the Cook Islands they are The Dreamy Team. Or the Holy Grail of Hot. Whichever you prefer. The latter is a little bro-y for my tastes. Anyway you get to see Nina Agdal brush her teeth in this one. NEED I SAY MORE?

Swim Daily, Cover Models: Chrissy, Nina and Lily
Swim Daily brings you an exclusive video fro the SI Swimsuit 2014 cover shoot.

* * *

GALLERY: The Dreamy Team

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