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Get to know Hannah Ferguson: 2014 SI Swimsuit rookie, newly-minted Carl's Jr. siren

Hannah Ferguson Q&A

Swim Daily caught up with SI Swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson, and asked her how she likes living in NYC, her first overseas trip and what was her reaction when she found out she was shooting SI Swimsuit.

WHEN WE first met Hannah Ferguson, we knew the basics about her strict Texas farm upbringing; we knew her parents were Marines. We of course knew that the camera loves her. We did not know her father was a sniper instructor, nor that she has her own arsenal of skills. We also didn't know that she twerks nor that she prefers gangsta rap. Sweet on the outside, dangerous on the inside, Hannah just might be the perfect package. 

GALLERY: Hannah Ferg ain't nothin' to f*** with (FULL SIZE)




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