OUR FRIENDS over at Galore never fail to delight, especially when it comes to giving our SI Swim homegirls a year-round platform to bring you the sex-ay. Earlier this summer, we saw Marloes Horst and Samantha Hoopes score covers, plus a perm-tastic spread featuring Hannah Ferguson. This time Hannah is back, and she's slipped into something a little more...scholastic for a feature inspired by those deliciously campy horror flicks of the '80s.

Alas, to our great despair the movie advertised on the mock-poster, Sweet Horror High, is but a fabrication dreamt up only in the name of art. But far as I'm concerned, there's nothing stopping any of you from from taking a stab (pun intended) at a little S.H.H. fanfic. So get on that, and when it's time to cast, allow me to offer two words of advice:  


But I digress. So with that said, heeeeeeere's HANNAH!

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