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Nadav Kander for New York Magazine
NEW YORK Magazine has a fascinating new feature called The View from a Centerfold featuring portraits of Playboy bunnies ranging from 1954 to 1979. There's a lot more to the story than just the effects of aging, but we're concerned largely with one Playmate in particular, namely Laura Lyons, Playboy's Miss February 1976 and mother to one Lily Aldridge.

Lily 101: A crash course

Laura, now 59, told the magazine the story of the day little Lily got her hands on Laura's issue of Playboy. Said Laura:

When Lily was 10, she found a Playboy in her dad's room, so I told her I was a Playmate. She asked if she could see it. Thirty minutes later I knocked on the door. She was watching TV. I said, 'What do you think?' She said, 'Oh, it's great.' 

Earlier this year in preparation for our Rookie Reveal I spoke with our soon-to-be 2014 cover model about that same instance.

Laura and Lily back in the day
Lily, who grew up in Sherman Oaks says despite her parents' unconventional careers (her father Alan Aldridge is a graphic designer best known for his work with The Beatles) her childhood was "normal and sheltered" (and when I pressed, Lily assured me that no, she did not grow up on a hippie commune). As for the story of the issue, Lily had mostly the same recollection.

It's not like my mom kept the fact that she was a Playmate from me, but it wasn't something she brought up at dinner. I actually found her Playboy in my dad's studio and I thought my dad was having an affair. I was like, 'Oh my God.' But I was so proud! I thought it was so cool and I still do! She is an amazing, beautiful, strong woman.

Here are a few more images of Laura from her "Bunny Lib" days (the SFW-est ones).

Dwight Hooker for Playboy
Dwight Hooker for Playboy
Dwight Hooker for Playboy
Dwight Hooker for Playboy
Dwight Hooker for Playboy