THERE'S NOTHING like some good old-fashioned validation, and we're not gonna lie, winning AdWeek's Reader's Choice Cover of the Year feels pretty okay. 

We didn't prepare a speech because we are so very humble, but we're fairly certain this is the place where we thank God and the other nominees (seriously, we had our money on you, Lupita), thanks to our parents and, hell, Nina, Lily and Chrissy's parents—thank you, JesAnne-MetteAlan, LauraRon and Vilailuck—without whom this cover would literally not be possible. Thanks to the wonderful crew at McDonald's for spending hours making those Egg McMuffins. And of course, thank you to our fabulous readers for helping us squeak by *COUGH*fiftythreepercentagepointshigherthansecondplace*COUGH* with this victory.

Play us off, Bill Ross!