Each week, we're lucky enough to get to comb through the SI Swimsuit archives and select one of our beautiful models to feature for Throwback Thursday. It's tough work over here at SI Swimsuit...we swear. 

This week, we didn't have to look very far back to 2013, when we stumbled upon Jessica Perez. 

David Burton/SI

Known among the SI Swimsuit team for her love of Kathy Ireland and courage to climb some of the roughest cliffs in Chile, this Costa Rica native may be one of the most down-to-earth models we've ever had. I mean, who doesn't appreciate staying in for cuddles with their puppy and plucking their own eyebrows? 

David Burton/SI

Watch the video above to get a glimpse into Jessica's 2013 shoot in Easter Island! 

BONUS: Get intimate with Jessica Perez in Chile! 

Jessica Perez Intimate - 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video Player - SI.com
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