If you spend five minutes with two-time SI Swimsuit model and star of our first-ever, off-season Summer of Swim feature, Hannah Ferguson, you're bound to hear something about Texas. Like most natives of the Lone Star State, Hannah is proud of where she's from and for good reason (there may or may not be a little bias coming from this native Texan, too...).


So when we were able to get Hannah into the studio for a few hours, we knew we had to get her take on some famous Texas expressions. From redefining the meaning of a "coke" to explaining exactly what "fixin' to" means, Hannah was more than happy to share her Southern heritage with Swim Daily. 


Be sure to watch the video above before you head down to the land of bluebonnets and Shiner Bock—or if you just want to see Hannah show off her sexy side with a Texas flag in tow. Yeehaw! 

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