These days, it seems like you can't go online without seeing some news about Hollywood's favorite it-couple -- Chrissy Teigen and John Legend -- and we wouldn't have it any other way. They're the most fun, hilarious, and straight-up real celebs out there. Even better, the pair LOVES to share their most intimate and personal moments through social media, giving us a sneak peek of their lives behind closed doors. 

From their exotic vacations and mouthwatering cookbook-creation sessions to hanging with Kimye and sharing tequila-fueled nude photos, Chrissy and John define our #RelationshipGoals and hold us to a standard we didn't know was possible. 

With talk of a primetime sitcom based on the couple's lives, we collected Chrissy and John's unforgettable social media moments that would play out perfectly on the small screen: 

Who could forget the time John and Chrissy played “catch the chicken wing” on Chrissy’s backside? Shake it, baby, shake it!


what's up chicken butt

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John and Chrissy clearly like to have a good time, so what’s more fun than playing drunk candy chemistry kit?


Take that Instagram. John and Chrissy never shy away from an opportunity to stick it to Instagram and their unfair censorship policy.


When Chrissy cooked something delicious (a.k.a. - all the time) and John was just chilling in the background. Please invite us over for dinner?


Chrissy shared this pic of John with his Oscar. Bow down.


When John and Chrissy got a little bit inappropriate at the Oscars. We don’t think anyone minded.


When their dogs did literally anything. If we could be reborn as any animal in our next life it would be as these dogs.


Not ready to leave the woods :(

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Flashback to the Super Bowl, but this time it’s John and Chrissy with Left and Right Shark. Only these two could pull this off.


John and Chrissy plus Kim and Kanye. At the Waffle House . WHAT??!!


every house should be a waffle house

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Don't mind us—we'll just be stalking Chrissy and John's Instagram feeds until this show becomes a reality (in a non-creepy way, of course...). And remember to keep coming back to Swim Daily to keep up with all of your favorite SI Swimsuit girls!

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