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Maria Sharapova set to launch Sugarpova candy line in Australia

Maria Sharapova Sugarpova Maria Sharapova launched her Sugarpova line of candy in New York in August, and already has sights set on launching in Australia. (Landov)

Maria Sharapova has her sights set on global Sugarpova domination and her next target is Australia.

In a blog post for her official site, Sharapova reveals she's working on the product launch, which will take place before the Australian Open in January.

My other project in the works is Sugarpovas official launch in Australia before the Australian Open. It's really fascinating to learn about each countries regulations in terms of bringing a new product in. Well actually its not that fascinating. Its a fascinating amount of work! The labels, ingredients, bar codes, all have their certain rules so we have to produce different films for different markets.
Clearly she needs an editor, but my question is whether she'll have special regional shapes and flavors. Perhaps some gummy brown kangaroos that taste like vegemite? Dundee-inspired gummy machetes that taste like crocodile? Flavors and shapes that aren't driven by cultural stereotypes and tired jokes? Come on, give us a hint, Maria.

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